Jul 2022

We did a few local cycling trips along tow paths (which we discovered are like destruction testing tracks for car suspension, smooth they ain’t) and then moved onto a biggie, Lightwater to Winchester.

I did say I was going to mention Mr Benson. He very kindly agreed to meet us in Winchester, as the truck now featured a bike rack, giving up a few hours of his time to run us back.John and I chatted about stuff when I dropped the car off with him, and my recollection was that I said I would give him a call the following day when we were a couple of hours away from Winchester so he could set off to meet up.

Karen and I duly set off the following day, stopped for a lovely cup of coffee in Odiham, and I put the call in. Oh my, did the airways turn blue. ‘’You have got to be XXXXng joking, I’ve been here for two hours’’.  Ah. Mea culpa. John spent a pleasant morning exploring more of Winchester than he’d bargained for.  I think he still likes me.