What Wales has to offer!

Aug 2023

Welsh hospitality at it’s best chez Dowling in Chepstow. Loved the home made ice cream John!

LEG/DAY 6 was our first sampling of Welsh hills and they started fairly intensely after leaving Chepstow! Friends in the support car lost us on the tracker at times as we weaved our way up and down hills and roads, through villages and along tracks, sometimes not seeing a house for miles…

Bikes made most but not all of the hills. As we constantly have to remind ourselves, it’s not a race. Good thing it’s not, as we wouldn’t be leading the pack 🤣

Some highlights were looking back down on the Bristol Channel with blue skies above and finding ourselves later reaching 41mph, as we stormed into the beautiful town of Usk.

Brakes are still working well..

Yells of ‘come on’ from a local pub as the girls saved a penalty but couldn’t quite grab the ultimate prize, then led to our Welsh cake eating on a town bench.

After that it was a leisurely 4 miles to our overnight inn nestled on the River Usk, bracing ourselves for DAY 7 and the Gospel Pass…