User Error … again!

Sep 2022

That error sort of set the theme for the next biggie, a ride from Winchester to Salisbury. This time our son Jack had command of The Truck, dropping us off in Winchester. We had a lovely short pedal down to Romsey, guided by my new toy, a little Garmin sat-nav that cleverly works out routes that include cycle lanes and cut-throughs. 

Gorgeous sunny day – sandwich and juice in Romsey town square, then back on the bikes, fire up the Garmin, cheerfully whoop ‘Off we go’ at Karen and venture off into the beautiful lanes of Hampshire, past gloriously thatched houses, through idyllic villages in all their rural glory, up and down gentle country hills, through more blissful villages, up and down a few more hedged hills and then Karen told me to stop, demanding to know why we’d been cycling for two hours and still had no sight of the Cathedral with its famous 123-meter spire.

Ah. Turns out Mr Garmin had taken us on a route north, as opposed to west as I’d programmed it to avoid hills and fast roads. We’d done twenty miles in the wrong direction. Right. Option 1 – Get Jack to pick us up. Option 2 – Carry on. This involved carrying on and then turn left onto the A30, a fast road and another twenty plus miles of hills ahead of us to Salisbury. So, Option 2 it was then, as Karen refused to be defeated.

There followed another two or three hours of frankly dangerous and exhausting riding. Karen understandably had nothing left in her legs and walked most of the hills as articulated lorries thundered past. One kindly soul stopped to ask if she was ok as she was in floods of tears, but was reassured as she bawled “I’M FINE THANK YOU” back at him.

Anyway, we made it with several fundamental learning points to take away from the experience. Some more fundamental than others.