Sunny Wales!

Aug 2023


Started with sun in the Royal Crescent in Bath

That didn’t last long and the day was spent dodging showers with varying degrees of success!

Had a thrill moment when we were having a cup of tea somewhere on the Bath and Bristol cycle path. Hosted by young Holly who greeted us with ‘are you the Wonky Hearters??’

We were astonished to hear that she ( and apparently all her friends ) had seen Freya’s TikTok.

Off we continued to be met by a young man Luke, who lived close by, had tracked us and gone out and bought a bag of treats for us!!

People have been so kind and generous and importantly our message seems to be getting out.

Arriving in Wales ( yes he got over THAT bridge), we were greeted by friends from both sides of the border.

The sun was out, the sky was blue and WE HAD MADE IT!!