So it starts…..

Aug 2023

What a wonderful but emotional day on 15th August, as we finally began the journey that we planned and trained for, for so many months.

The sun shone, we were set to go but disaster nearly struck as Paul discovered our Garmin (which plotted our whole route) wouldn’t work.

Huge panic….but one of our children suggested we switch it off and on again (in a certain way) and it sprung into life, as did we!

It was great to see so many supporters, old friends and new- all there to wish us well.

Helped by the dulcet tones of the legendary Brian Blessed, accompanied by Saxophone Bob and our local mayor, off we set for Winchester.

Only 50 miles away….🚴🏻❤️🚴‍♀️

The ITV News coverage of our departure!