LEG 14 And downnn we go

Aug 2023

In more ways than one.

Oundle marks the tipping point to our route south to the finish. And, bar a couple of minor climbs, it was 41 miles of relative plain sailing from there to Cambridge. A wonderfully flat, well built and traffic free path running alongside a rather weird bus route more akin to a train track. But with ordinary buses.

This was very enjoyable, and we hoofed along.

Until a little bend where Karen slightly overcooked it and performed a very gentle, graceful and dignified crash into not much, ending up underneath her bike.

We’ll see the extent of the posterior bruising in the coming days, but she had a minor cut on her left leg that required the full attention of my comprehensive first aid kit and enhanced first aid training. She was lucky to survive (the injuries, not my first aid, obvs).