It was only a matter of time…

Jul 2023

So we finally got round to having a basic bicycle maintenance course with our ever patient mate John Benson.

Turned out it couldn’t have been better timing. Next ride out ( after a week’s break in Norwegian Fjords), was a ride out with friends Sals and Ray in beautiful Goring area.

That started with a hissing from Karen’s back tyre, followed by some spurting of white stuff ( sealant) that didn’t seem to be sealing.

Never mind, we’ll replace the inner tube in the obviously damaged tyre and then we’re off. Can’t be that hard to take a tyre off and replace the tube, surely? There are 4 of us. Many, many minutes later it was off, only for us to discover that in fact our tyres are tubeless

Continuing our learning curve that is Wonky Heart.